Treacle and Ink

May 8, 2008

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Today’s the day! Many thanks to Melinda Seckington, who emailed me with the “true names” of the Doctors: Xblanque and Hunahpu, which you found in a copy of The Mirror of Ink at 80 The Strand.

So, the plan is this. I’m going alone. We had a long conversation about this, in which Jacques tried to be all gallant and insist that “a lady cannot go alone into such danger”. But I did point out to him that, much as I hope to be able to sneak around, the likelihood is that I will meet this Dr Dee, and if I took Jacques with me, he’d instantly recognise him, and so probably be alerted to what we were up to. And Dorcas clearly can’t come – if she falls asleep in the heat of battle she’s not going to be much use to anyone.

However, Jacques’ girlfriend Bella turns out to be some kind of tech whizz. She’s set us up with a “liveblog”, which will pick up and transcribe what I say into my mobile phone, and will relay texts back from Jacques and Dorcas at the bookshop. That way, they’ll be able to give me advice and, more importantly, you will all be able to watch and help too. You’ve been so brilliant at finding solutions for these problems, I’m sure you’ll be invaluable in this final stage.

You can participate in the liveblog here:

As for the rest of the plan, it’s very simple. I’m going to break into Dr Dee’s office at 8pm tonight. Jacques has been there. He says there’s a small outer office where the receptionist sits – she’s not likely to be there at 8pm. Then behind that there’s a plush-looking office where Jacques has met and spoken to Dr Dee. But behind that, Jacques once spotted “when I was selling him ze book, ze Christolina Minaret” a secret third room, door hidden behind a screen. He says he glimpsed odd things in there “bottles of ze strange liquids, some cage made of wire on ze floor…” so we think that’s where he’ll be tonight.

It’s up to me to get in there somehow. And then, when I’m in, we’re going to signal to Thomas and Hattie to jump out of the mirror! Hopefully they’ll surprise Dr Dee long enough for us to get the mirror away from him, perform the ritual Dorcas has taught me and break the blasted thing forever. And then… well, then hopefully we can all get on with our lives.

So, are you with me?


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