Treacle and Ink

May 6, 2008

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Wow, thank you all for your help with that cryptic note. Thanks to Thomas Sissons in particular, who was the first to email me  to say that the correct answer to the clue was “The Mirror of Ink”, which is apparently the book we’re looking for.

Now, I’ve been through Marsh-Ayre’s filing and stock-taking system. I say “system”, I really mean “big box of notes on blue paper which might perhaps make sense if they’re all put together.” Honestly, I don’t know how this man manages to do his taxes.

I’ve found some notes stapled together that mention The Mirror of Ink.  They relate to five books that were sent out to five different customers recently. From this bundle of confusion, can you work out where the Mirror of Ink’s been sent and go there to retrieve it? You can ignore the other four books – they didn’t come from same box as the mirror, the tarot cards, and the other bits and pieces that Hattie bought at the same time, so they’re definitely not relevant. When you’ve worked out where The Mirror of Ink is, all I can suggest is that you head there as quickly as possible and see if you can find some names hidden in the book.

Thanks so much for all your help. We’re still working hard here – Dorcas thinks she has a way to destroy the mirror (or, as she keeps on saying “de-story” it), so all we need are those names and then we’re set for Thursday!

Here are the notes:

Michelle at no. 96 wasn’t interested in Stories of Your Life and Others and I couldn’t give her Art of Love as that had gone to Charing Cross Road already.

Jacques, girl from Euston Rd will be by to pick up that copy of The Bridge whilst I’m out. TM-A

Muddled two addresses while sending 0-765-30418-X to the Great Russell Street shop; thought that it was at number 80 for a minute!! Must remember also that it’s Mark at no. 113 not Simon.

Remember to call girl at The Strand.

Sent Umberto Eco book to charity shop on Marylebone High Street.

Ginger chap from 46 Great Russell Street called saying he doesn’t want The Bridge but definitely will be taking 0-765-30418-X, 0-375-76117-9 or 0-15-144647-4. He will call back to confirm before the end of the week.

Sent Sadie 0-141-02213-2 instead of 0-333-41285-0 in the end.

Rachel at no.13 called to say she had found a copy of Mirror of Ink elsewhere and no longer wanted this one.


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