Treacle and Ink

May 2, 2008

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Today’s update is going to have to be short, I’m afraid – we’re all working so hard here.

I’ve been pumping Jacques for all the information he can give me about this Doctor he sold the mirror to. He’s very apologetic, now he knows how important it was to me.  He knows that the Doctor’s offices are somewhere off Harley Street. The plan is for me to go there and get the mirror back, and then for us to destroy it (Dorcas is working on how exactly to do that – she thinks she knows, but we have to get Thomas and Hattie out first).

The problem, of course, is how to make sure that the two Doctors don’t just use their scary powers to stop me taking the mirror. Now that Thomas has his full set of cards, he has some power too, and has been able to get some information for us too. He sent me an email! He and Hattie are able to communicate much more easily with us now. He says that Dr Dee and Dr Doom are working towards a date and time – 8pm on the 8th of May, a time at which, apparently, Dr Dee’s powers are especially strong. (Apparently that was a day when he did a lot of his prognosticating?). Although his powers are strong, he’s likely to be distracted then, so it’s then we plan to strike.

But, to defeat them, we’re sure we’re going to need their “real names”, as the Caterpillar mentioned. I know you’ve emailed me already to say that they’re “Tweedledee” and “Tweedledum” but knowing those names hasn’t given us any special power over them so I don’t think that can be right. I’ve been searching through the boxes of books that Hattie bought at the same time she bought the mirror – that was where they found the instructions for the game of tarot.  But… many of those books have already been sent out in mail orders! As far as I can tell, they’ve only been sent to London, but I may have to ask you to do some running-around at the start of next week, when we’ve worked out if the information we need has been sent out, and where it’s gone.

So far, though, all I’ve found that looks relevant is this crumpled note, tucked among the packing. Can you make anything of it?

Re: real names for the brothers. Have hidden them in a book.

Need my own faithful representation of Coprinus’ hat.

Got garbled OK from inheritor; nothing missing.



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