Treacle and Ink

April 28, 2008

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Good evening to you, Web Log Readers. It is I, Dorcas Muse. You may have gathered that Alice Klein is often indisposed at present, so it falls to me to keep you abreast of developments. Although I am far from au fait with modern technology, I am aware that you have all been of great assistance to both Ms Klein and myself in our quest.

I shall keep matters brief. After much debate and research in our books of magic, Ms Klein and I decided that the Temperance tarot card she had found in Henrietta Loon’s hand could mean only one thing; that this card had somehow to be passed through the mirror to Thomas Marsh-Ayre, enabling Mr Marsh-Ayre to “cheat” at the game.

I persuaded Ms Klein this evening – in the face of some trepidation on her part, I am bound to add – to perform a certain ritual, holding the card herself while looking into the mirror. Since we used the same eldritch pack of tarot cards Thomas himself used, I felt this method might have a chance of succeeding.

I believe we may have succeeded. Alice held the card up to the mirror, so that it was reflected into its face. She went into a trance for a few moments, and then woke herself quite naturally. I was very hopeful that the operation had been a complete triumph when I saw that the Temperance card she now held was a mirror-image of the card she’d been holding moments earlier. Clearly she had passed the card into the mirror.

But, as I was rejoicing, I noticed how pale her face was, how her veins stood out blue against her skin.
“I feel…” she said, “I feel peculiar. I must just…” she looked at me with weary eyes. “Don’t call the Doctor.”
She fell asleep onto the desk.

With some difficulty, I have put her to bed. I will watch over her. I hope that, as happened before, she will return to her senses after some hours. If not, we may have three people to rescue from this cursed mirror, not two.


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