Treacle and Ink

April 16, 2008

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I almost didn’t make it. Really almost. I feel…. Different. This was so intense, the sensation of controlling the mirror, of journeying into it. I feel…

I held the image of a masked man in my mind, and the name ‘Dr Doom’, as Dorcas had instructed me. She held the mirror in front of me and it was like returning to an old friend. Or a lover. A familiar touch. I looked, and dissolved into the world at once.

It was different to before. I wasn’t open to the tides of story, I was looking. I thought of the masked man. A masked man with cards. And I was there.

He was riding in a carriage pulled by two horses. He was beating them, urging them on more and more fiercely. In his left hand he held the reins, and a set of cards. In his right, the whip. He lashed again and again. The horses screamed and ran. He drew blood along the flank of the black horse – it sprayed red and sticky and smelly and alive onto the white horse. He revelled in his mastery of the animals, shouting with delight. He drew blood again and again. At last, when their mouths were foaming and their eyes rolling he pulled them up sharply, ripping at their teeth and gums. He jumped from the coach, pulled out his sword – I had not noticed the sword – and hacked at their throats. The horses died kicking and bucking. From the mouth of the black horse he pulled a card. As he did, he showed his hand for a moment. I remembered it: Devil, World, Moon, Sun and a worthless card, the Five of Cups.

Having the information I came for, I could have left. But I knew, even as I thought this, that I did not want to. This was my place now, this was where I was happiest, freest, most alive. Here I could wander through stories, here I could… Splash!

I came to. Dorcas had thrown a jug of cold water over me.
“I’ve been trying to wake you for five minutes,” she said. “You wouldn’t come round.”
I started to shiver uncontrollably. She helped me out of my wet jumper and wrapped me up in a duvet.

I’ve written this for you now, but I can’t think properly. All I want is to go back there. Dorcas says it’s very serious now. That Doom has almost all the cards he needs. That Thomas must get the Wheel of Fortune card next or it’s all over. That you need to write stories about fortune, any kind of fortune, to send him the message, to help him get it.

I’m too tired to think. I just want to sleep, and dream.


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