Treacle and Ink

April 9, 2008

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It’s past midnight and I’m still awake. I don’t want to be, but I don’t want not to be.

I haven’t looked at the mirror at all in the past 24 hours but I want to, I really want to. So much so that several times today I’ve found myself in the store room, with my hand hovering over the drawer to the bureau where I put it before I remember that I mustn’t.

Actually, being in the store room, and for something to do as much as anything, I’ve started going through the drawers and books to see if I can find any more of the scribbled notes Marsh-Ayre left all over the place. I haven’t found much so far, just a little scrap of paper that says “Hattie will go first, while D and I observe.” I really must find out what happened to Hattie. If we manage to get Jacques to talk to me again, perhaps he can help me find out.

Today, while it was light, I took a look outside the back windows of the shop, where someone was scratching yesterday night. There are a couple of deep scored marked on the new window frames. It looks like someone was trying to take a crowbar to them, to pry them open.

So, with all the frankly unnatural and bizarre things going on, this is one thing I feel I can deal with in a perfectly normal way. I called the police, they said they’d come and take a look. In the meantime, I’ve armed myself with the biggest scariest cudgel I could find (actually a table leg from a dismantled table in the store room), I’ve got the police on speed-dial on my mobile phone and I’m sitting up waiting. I think I heard a noise a couple of minutes ago, but I’m not sure. Still, if anyone tries to get in tonight, I’ll be ready for them.


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