Treacle and Ink

March 31, 2008

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Busy busy weekend. Working, writing, eating, sleeping. I have five chapters done of my new book now. They’re only first draft but they feel so alive. I haven’t written like this for years, maybe not ever. I keep thinking it’s like someone’s breathed new life into me. One of my readers emailed to tell me that the Greek word on that note I found means “god-breath” or something like it. I have to confess, it does feel rather like that, like a god took pity on me and breathed into my mind. But I talk such nonsense!

You’re all still emailing me with these interesting, if bizarre, questions. I understand that you’re looking for a book called “Mythological Objects” now, which has been mentioned in the Penguin online storytelling project. I quite understand how irritating it can be not to be able to find a book you’re looking for, and I’m rather surprised that the Penguin project would reference such an obscure work. However, I’m afraid that with my work in the shop, and my own writing, I don’t have the time to be your research assistant. Surely if the book is mentioned in the Penguin project, they will have given you some hint about how to find it? I do apologise, but I simply must devote my time to my writing.

On the subject of which, I think Jacques is cross with me. I don’t have much time to talk to him now that I’m spending my evenings writing. He’s got a little resentful of the mirror too – I hung it above the front desk in the shop, but he kept saying he’d sell it, so I moved it back into my little bedroom. A good thing too, because Jacques said that today, while I was out getting something from Marks and Spencer for our dinner – steak and kidney pudding and treacle tart, might as well introduce him to the classics – someone came into the shop offering to buy it! I half think Jacques would have sold it, if he’d known where it was, just to spite me. But he’s being awfully sly about who precisely this interested buyer was, so I suspect he might be making it up.


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