Treacle and Ink

March 27, 2008

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Strange things, coincidences. All of your emails insisting that I must be the Alice that your odd story is addressed to gave me an idea. I thought I’d tweak with the window-dressing, to showcase some Lewis Carroll, and other children’s classics. Maybe pin the green baize so that it looks like a rabbit-hole and have all the books tumbling into it. So I went to the store-room to look through the books that aren’t on display, to find suitable ones. There were quite a few old editions of Alice in Wonderland – probably part of Marsh-Ayre’s private collection – which I thought would do well. And as I was flicking through one of them, a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. Another note in Marsh-Ayre’s handwriting. I opened it without thinking. Well, who’d keep a private note in a book, after all?


It’s weird, but at the same time intriguing. I have an aunt who believes in crystals, all that stuff. When I couldn’t get started on my second book she kept giving me tigers-eye stones which she said would “release blocked creativity”. They never worked, but I guess perhaps staring into a black mirror is just the type of thing that might stimulate the contemplative parts of the brain? It’s funny, I wouldn’t have thought that many blokes were into crystal healing, so I’m surprised to find this in Marsh-Ayre’s notes. But, can’t argue with the results! I’ve hung the mirror behind the desk in the shop, and I’m going to have another go with it tonight.


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